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Wednesday Morning Links

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A shootout loss ... man those suck. It's good the Blues got a point, but two would have been way better. Let's get to the linkage.

Blues news

  • Here is the AP writeup of the OTL.
  • The Blues want to win games on the Western Canada trip.
  • Jeremy Rutherford will be chatting with Blues fans today. Over/under on questions about David Perron? 
  • Brad Winchester is still proving himself and gets two stories about it. 
  • You want some good news? Some people are noticing the Blues resurgence and not just dismissing it with a wanking motion.

Hockey news

  • Standings. Blues in 11, two points out. 
  • Last night's action, tonight's action. Game to help out the Blues: Ducks (over Nashville), Chicago (over Columbus (you can ignore this one)), Calgary (over Dallas).
  • Martin Broduer passed Patrick Roy on the wins list. A noted Devils fan is not really happy with how Bettman and the league handled things. Here's in Lou we Trust about the win. 
  • The best player on the Penguins had six points
  • If this was NHL 94, I'd consider buying it. 
  • Guy Carbonneau had a lucky tie. He was recently fired. How is that tie lucky?
  • Brad Lee needs a nickname. We have Juan but ... PPP has Jammies and Sexy Pants.
  • An interview with Randy Moller.

Other news

  • DanGNR comes through with fashion news, once again.
  • Don't be like this guy if you get pulled over. 
  • Perfect! Now businesses can leave Detroit faster.
  • For the wrestling fans: The Undertaker is 16-0 at Wrestlemania. Really? He's still around. 


John Davidson announces a fight between Cam Janssen and Barret Jackman.

PLEASE come back later today. The head honco, Mr. Sean "Juan" Gallagher informs me that a three-part look at the Blues original owners will become today, later in the morning. It's gonna be good.