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Thursday Morning Linkage

The Blues head to Vancouver for stop two on the Western Canada road trip. Let's hope for a regulation win today. Let's get to the links.


Blues news

  • Like us, the Blues hope to bounce back against the Canucks.
  • The Blues Web site has a preview on the game that once again starts at 9 CST. Rest up, Marcus.
  • PD beat writer Jeremey Rutherford answered some questions yesterday. 
  • Confirming what we already know ... the shootout hasn't been kind to the Blues lately. 
  • AOL takes notice of the Blues. 
  • Just Manny being Manny in Peoria.
  • King Oshie talks to the Edmonton Sun
  • Speaking of the Nucks ... the Sedin will be free agents after the year.
  • Watch for Willie Mitchell tonight. He's a plus-player
  • Further proof that goalies are crazy: Roberto Luongo doesn't like the suggestion he allows soft goals.

Hockey news

  • If the playoffs started today ... (thanks to DanGNR)
  • Here are the standings: Blues 11th, two points out. 
  • Last night's results, tonight's slate
  • What we're cheering for: Boston (over LA), Colorado (over the Oil), San Jose (over Nashville) and Phoenix (over the Ducks). I think the Fear the Fin Folks can get behind us for three of those games.
  • TSN analyst's answer questions.
  • Earlier Gallagher posted Mirtle's injury post. The Islanders have lost the most man-games in the last few years. Lighthouse Hockey blames the hockey gods. 
  • Speaking of Mirtle, he has an interview with the only player on the Thrashers worth watching (unless you are a Bryan Little fan) Ilya Kovalchuck.
  • Glen Sather bails out the former owner of the Oilers. 

Other news

  • Hey Donut King ... what you're doing tonight is illegal
  • This guy owns at air hockey.


So the Blues aren't playing the Maple Leafs, but they are playing Mats Sundin so this is a relavant video. Enjoy.

That is it for the links today. Come back later for more good stuff and, of course, the GTD.