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Blues @ Canucks Third Period LIVE BLOG

We had a request to kick it old school in the third. So like on the old setup before we were SBNized, I used to do the live blog. So keep refreshing the main page to see my wit and wisdom. You may want to think about a second window just for the comments. Remember, Oshie is the future.


The future is now, bitches.

Alright, let's go.

Second Intermission: Canucks lead 1-0. They seem a little confident. I think I heard them announcing the three stars while the zamboni was still cruising.

"I think the Blues should be ahead, John." Has Bernie had a head accident?

The Blues could be one, two, three or four points out. Fabulous

20:00 Game on.

"The Blues have to find a way to get points tonight, John." Amazing.

18:43 Canucks teeing off with impunity. Blues a little flat-footed. Um, that sucks.

18:10 Tkacuk to the Blues dressing room. Not cool.

17:50 Walt was bleeding on the forearm. That can't be good.

17:22 Brad Winchester can be a real prick. This time he gave Luongo the snow shower. He is CONSTANTLY going to the net hard.

But he's the Blues' prick. so that's aces in my book.

17:22 JACKMAN OFF THE CROSSBAR. Dang. Shockingly, Bernie doesn't think Luongo ever saw it.


16:45 Hordichuk reminds me of somebody. Is he cousins with Domi? New member of the cavemen?

16:24 "He passes to his partner McKee." So there is more than one set of teammates who share a condo in the Central West End?

14:48 Kid line buzzing around the net. Heard at least two Dooooooooouche chants from the crowd.

That is what they're saying when Luongo makes a save, right?

14:23 Surprisingly good shot from Weaver. That guy probably has the shortest stick in the league for a defenseman.


John Kelly says, "Wow!"

13:00 Nice play by McDonald to get the puck to Backes for the chance. To celebrate, Backes gets his Cam Janssen face on with one of the mothercanuckers.

Bernie is hoping for four-on-four hockey. Thankfully, that's what it appears to be.

Dear refs, please dont' try to decide this game on your own. Thanks.

12:26 Memo to Alex Steen, sniff the front of the net with the puck, not the back of it.

11:27 2-0 VANCOUVER on a nice pass and finish on a 2-1 after the Blues got caught deep in the corner.

Where did I leave that panic button.

11:00 Kid line buzzing. Maybe they should have been out sooner on the 4-4? Hmmm?

10:23 Jim The Cat Hayes confirms that Tkachuk will not be back tonight with an upper body injury. That's not a code word for amputation, right?

10:05 You know it's a tense game when Steen and Perron are pushing and shoving in front of the other team's net after a stoppage.

If anyone has any supersitions or momentum changers or shit, roll it out now.

We are not playing like a playoff team.

by Washoo

Interesting thought. Tend to agree.

And as if on cue...

9:31 Henrik scores to make it 3-0. He scores and Daniel celebrates. It's uncanny.

8:00 Maybe I shouldn't have launched the live blog for the third. I remember this happening before where the Blues had a tight game, I rolled it out for the third and then there was some cursing and the game was suddenly over.

7:30 Hey, who's excited to see Calgary tomorrow night????!!!!!

6:50 Another Dooooooooooche cheer for Luongo.

At this point, we're just rooting for the shutout to be broken, right? And I can't believe they're playing "Hooked on a Feeling." Is the music guy still high from 1974?

5:08 Perron got tripped (incidental I think) by Kesler at center ice. Woywitka decided it was dirty and went after him. That's probably not cool on Wicker's part. But the frustration level has to be high. And now the Canucks are taunting a pissed off Barret Jackman.

Only the second Nucks power play? Damn, they paid off the refs and it still didn't work.

4:20 Man, the Blues go down 3-0 in the third in a game they needed to win and everybody leaves the comments. It's only 11:26 p.m. here in St. Louis. You people have jobs and shit?

Ok, that's fair.

3:19 Blues down 3-0 late...perfect time for an FSN commercial for a Cardinals spring training broadcast. Sweet!

Kelly and Federko are looking for the goalie pull.

Timeout, Willem Dafoe.

Wait, he saved it this long? That's just crazy.

At this point...I think we'll just turn the live blog machine off and put it back in the closet for another night.

See you in the comments.