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Monday Morning Links

It's March and the Blues aren't talking about who they are going to draft. I am enjoying this immensely. Unfortunately, today is Monday. Sorry about that. Here's some linkage to help put off work just a litle big longer.


Blues news

Hockey news

  • Marty Brodeur picked up shutout No. 100 yesterday. That's probably the highlight of the action.
  • This is the only game on the schedule tonight.
  • Here's the current standings.
  • Baseball fans have baseball prospectus. Now, hockey has puck prospectus.
  • Steve Ott will be taking some time off
  • This ones for the ladies ... the Washington Capitals have a new site for women called Club Scarlet. Some aren't too fond of it. But hey, anytime you can get Brent Johnson pics like this, it's a good thing.

Other links

  • George Michael is on board for the Arrested Development movie.
  • Ever wondered how much a nuke would damage Detroit? Here's your chance to find out.
  • LA is trying to have a swear free week? Good luck, douche bags. 
  • Oh and the no cussing thing? It's the result of this kid and his "catchy" group.

You guys might have seen this other places, but it's too good not to share with the rest of the class. Here's the background. Here's the awesomeness:

That's it for me. Remember kids, Game Time isn't just for GTD's. Come back early and often. The next few days should be a flurry of activity with trades, rumors, inuendo and the Fucking Detroit Red Wings coming to town.  Until tomorrow ...