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Blues in Cal-Gary Tonight: Do Not Look Directly At Olli Jokinen

With Mike Ricci out of the league, Rod Brind'amour out for the season and Chris Chelios being removed from the running due to his professional status, the title of Ugliest Man In Hockey has fallen to one of tonight's opponents, Olli Jokinen.

Since we all know you're just trying to kill off the waning hours of a Friday anyway, we thought we'd give you a little arts and crafts to work on:

How To Draw Olli Jokinen


This is the handiwork of a brilliant (we assume, we can't read it) site called Viivaa Ja Kirjaimia.

Feel free to scan and upload your attempts in the FanShots section, or if you have similar talents, fire up a How To Draw Jarome Iginla (which we assume will just be a giant smile and could then easily also be called How To Draw Craig Conroy) or How To Draw Miikka Kipprusoff (which we assume will just be a big beard and could easily also be called How To Draw Chris Mason).