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Friday Links

That sucked. To the reporter who asked Roberto Luongo about giving up soft goals and then prompting him to get pissed off ... go eat a bag of dicks. Just gotta put this behind us and get ready for the Calgary Flames.

Blues news

  • Blues vs. Flames tonight at 8 p.m. It looks like Yahoo! is streaming the game, so check there first all you out-of-towners.
  • The Post-Dispatch says the Blues lost the game, and maybe Keith Tkachuk to a wrist injury. Here's the AP writeup.
  • From the Vancouver side ... this was the team's 11th-straight home win.
  • Got a question for T.J. Oshie that doesn't sound like Chris Farley from "The Chris Farley Show"? Submit them here. My question: What's the Bermuda Cup?
  • Andy Murray's daughter is a hockey player ... wait AM coached high school hockey? How did he punish the younger players when all the players are young. Side note: Sidney Crosby went to Shattuck.
  • Brad Boyes: overlooked goal scorer ... maybe thats because he's so inconsistant? 
  • At least SOMEONE associated with the Blues will be making the playoffs.

Hockey news

  • If the playoffs started today ... the Blues are in 12th, four points out
  • Last night's games did little to help out the 'Note. What about tonight? Games of significance: New Jersey (over Minnesota), Atlanta (over Detroit (just because)), Chicago (over Edmonton), St. Louis (over Calgary).
  • Alex Ovechkin scored goal No. 50 and pissed off some Canadians for celebrating with a "hot stick."
  • Martin Brodeur got beat in court yesterday. I have a feeling we will be seeing him on the autograph circuit after he retires ... or playing far into his 40s. 
  • ESPN (sometimes they talk hockey) presents the second-half standings.
  • Wondering what up with Alexander Mogilny? No? Ok then don't read this.
  • From the porn-peddler in the comments: Panthers fan (with a missing finger according to the comments) flashes the camera. (NSFWish)




As Dooks requested ... Jordin Tootoo got destroyed last night by Brad Staubitz. I haven't seen a fight this one sided since Ralphie beat up Scott Farkus in "A Christmas Story."


Because I love you guys ... look for a YOUNG Brett Hull and Al MacInnis.

Please, please come back today. Part three of the AWESOME ownership story, the Hockey Prof. AND a pre-GTD to get your Flames hate on. It's gonna be a good day.