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Saturday Morning Links

And a happy Saturday to you and yours. Hopefully this finds you nursing a hangover that isn't quite as bad as it could be. Onto the linkage.


Blues News:


  • What a win! I laughed! I cried! I drank several beers...among other things. Here's what the AP thought of it. TSN's wrap-up. The Post-Dispatch's take. And here's what Calgary residents will read in their paper. Matchsticks and Gasoline (Flames on SBN) certainly wasn't enthusiastic about the result on their game thread.
  • Tkachuk's wrist is not broken. Certainly beats the hell out of the alternative.
  • Project Mayhem: TEEEEJ is answering our questions. Averagejoe posted this yesterday but it's worth mentioning that the more we submit, the better our chances of having one answered. Is he good at any other Rock Band songs besides Wonderwall? What the hell is a Bermuda Cup? Does Berglund pull more tail into the apartment than he does? Only one way to find out, folks.


NHL News:


  • Jagr comeback talks. Puck Daddy has the scoop.
  • Player opinions over Ovechkin's 50th goal celebration courtesy of TSN. Check out what "Flames forwards Brad Boyes and Dan Hinote" had to say about it. Of course, Puck Daddy has his own post concerning Ovechkin, too.
  • Scores from Friday. Way to go Fuckhawks, letting Edmonton win and all.
  • Standings as of now. No, of.....NOW! Blues in 9th.
  • Schedule for Saturday (and the next few days). The big outcome we need tonight is San Jose over the Stars. Having Florida beat Columbus wouldn't hurt things, either.
  • TSN ranks the top 100 rookies. Iceberg's #8, King Osh is #11, BJ's #59, Strachan sneaks in at #70, and Dancin' Steve is #74. Alex Pterodactyl gets honorably mentioned.
  • Silver Seven Sens (Ottawa's SBN) has taken it upon themselves to mail Daniel Alfredsson a dollar for his GW goal against the Canadiens. Perhaps Game Time should do something like this against Chicago and/or Detroit?


Other Stuff:


  • Some people say that the swearing that goes on in the stands is horrible. I say that those people would freak out at this type of promo (porno?) night.
  • Ever screw up and send an e-mail without the file attached, without enough "Fuck Detroit"s, or without posting your favorite picture of Keenan looking douchy? Gmail now gives you a way out.
  • The PCS recommended "Addicting Game" of the day: Critter Cannon
  • Insight from Game Time's fashion correspondent, DanGNR.




And some videos to close out this first post for Saturday.


This one is a compilation featuring our own TECHNOVIKING (rules dictate it's always capitalized, right?)

Aaron Downey? Yep. Still hate him

Come back later today for the conclusion of the Salomon ownership tale and a kick-ass You Write The Comedy. Otherwise, RFJCC will be resetting your homepage to something you won't like at all.