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Sunday Morning Links

Goooooooooooooooood morning, Game Time! (unless it's the afternoon for you already). It's Sunday, March 21st. The Blues are still in the playoff hunt. Hell, there's still some time to be kill before the work (or class) week starts up again. This is gonna be a good day.

Onto the linkage:

Blues News:


NHL News:
  • Hawks forward Ben Eager(forcock) has to sit out 3 games without pay and feel shame. Don't see anything about this over at Second City, but once there is something, give 'em hell.
  • Puck Daddy discusses the love and hate of Sidney Crosby.
  • Scores from last night. Thanks, San Jose. SJ 5 DAL 2
  • NHL standings. 2 points out, sports fans.
  • Tonight's action. We'd love it if Phoenix beat Anaheim in regulation. And if Minnesota and Edmonton don't decide to cancel the game, the lesser of two evils would be an Edmonton victory.
Other Stuff:
Youtube goodness featuring Jim Hayes chatting up Berlund and Oshie at their place

And that's all for me until Saturday. Averagejoe is back in the driver's seat for the work week. Remember, valuable links or videos can be sent to gametimelinks (at) Open 24/7.