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Monday Linkage

Well that was a waste of a weekend. Who had the bright idea to go two whole days without a Blues game. AND they don't even play tonight. Ugh. Oh well, let's get to the links.


Blues news

  • If the Blues are going to get the 8th seed, they're going to have to do it on the road.
  • Brett Sonne is anxious to make a name for himself while wearing the Note.
  • Get your personalized Blues license plate here. (Side note, come back later today for the greatest license of all time.)
  • This has to be the weirdest time for this to pop up ... is  Andy Murray's job in jeopardy?
  • Attendance is up in St. Louis.

Hockey news

  • If the playoffs started today ... the Blues would be golfing.
  • Here are the standings to begin the week -- the Blues sit in 11th, two points out.
  • Games for tonight: No games of significance, unless of course you want Detroit to lose.
  • A guy who wears outrageous clothing for attention decries a player drawing attention to himself.
  • Brad Richards, coming back from a wrist injury, hurts the other one in his first game back. 
  • MVP chatter heats up. Who is the Blues MVP? Backes? Mason? McDonald? Cam?

Other news

  • Walls that move -- this is pretty cool. 
  • If you give an elephant LSD, bad things will happen. To the elephant. 
  • Some ideas for the Game Time East Side gathering. If you guys decide to do Edward 40 hands, make sure its malt liquor and not just a big beer.


Many of you may have seen this, but it's pretty good.

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