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Tuesday Linkage


After three days of letting the heart rest for a few days, the Blues play tonight. Plan your day accordingly. Let's get to some links.

Blues news

  • Blues vs. Kings, tonight
  • In case you didn't know, tonight is a must win.
  • The Blues have not fared well against the the Kings this year. 
  • says Andy McDonald is key to the Blues playoff bid. 
  • Cool story from the Post-Dispatch: Carlo Colaiacovo shaves his head after winning (losing?) a bet. Would T.J. Oshie do this?
  • Paul Kariya might be ready to return for the playoffs. Who?

Hockey news

  • You're up to the second standings: Blues in 11th, two points out.
  • Here are tonight's games. Who do we want? Rangers (over Minnesota), Anaheim and Nashville (push? I guess Anaheim?), Fuck Detroit (over Edmonton), Vancouver (over Dallas).
  • Sacrebleu! The Canadians might be for saleHabs Eyes on the Prize looks at the potential sale.
  • The Stars might be doing the same.
  • Chris Osgood is the Wings goalie. Try and suppress your laughter. 
  • Speaking of the Red Wings, are they going to be leaving Joe Louis?
  • Alex Ovechkin passes, too. 
  • What we learned from Puck Daddy. The note on the Boston Bruins/Dennis Wideman is interesting. (Thanks DanGNR)
  • Will the Panthers live up to its promise? (DanGNR -- the Adam Oates of the links. And yes that makes PCS and myself Brett Hull.)


  • Boss man Juan sent me an email about a trillion dollars. Thought it was more spam, but it's not. Here's what a trillion looks like. 
  • Greatest invention ever
  • Downside (upside) of this economy: more stippers.
  • Jared might be no more thats to the FTC.
  • I want to be a cop just so I can drive this.
  • I'm really glad this wasn't in Missouri.


Answer Man provides today's video: "Brule Rules!" -- AM

Bonus video:

Bruins prospect Tuuka Rask goes ape shit.

GO BLUES! Send your links to gametimelinks (at) Also, come back throughout the day for conent from the boss men and, of course, the epic GDT. If you're a lurker, don't be afraid. Jump right in.