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Kings @ Blues GDT

Big game tonight, the first of three in a row at Drinkscotch. The Kings are in town. You know what they did to the kings in France, right?


"What kind of name is Anze anyway? Off with his head!"

If you look around the tubes that make up the Internets, you'll see all sorts of pronouncements that tonight is the biggest game of the season! Why stop there. The first period is the biggest period of the season! Sharpening your skates before the game, the biggest of the season! The Blues will not have a bigger moment to tie their skates all season! This pre-game dump = biggest of the year!

All it means is the Blues need to come away with their first win of the season against the Kings, and it couldn't come at a better time with the Blues still two points out of the final playoff spot with 10 games to play.

Rumor has it that Keith Tkachuk and his non-broken wrist may try to play tonight. There's a pretty good chance Chris Mason will start in net. Alexander Frolov for the Kings is back in LA. Rick Wamsley is a better goaltender right now than any guy the Kings could dress tonight.

That's it. The Blues win, they're still relevant and the playoff talk continues. They lose and you'll see small mushroom clouds of profanity in the comments down below.

See you there.