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Wednesday Links

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Two points on Tuesday? Awesome. As long as the Blues keep winning, I'll keep smiling. Nine games left and the team has a REALISTIC shot (despite what the pundits believe) at a playoff spot: It's a good time to be a Blues fan. Let's get to some links.

Blues news

  • The Blues won. Here's the PD recap and one from the Associated Press.
  • More Paul Kariya news and a quote from Keith Tkachuk about a lucky break ... that wasn't a break.
  • If the rest of the season plays out like I think it should, get used to more stuff like this -- although hopefully from guys who don't look like they hang outside of schools in vans offering up free candy.
  • More Blues news from ESPN: Chris Mason is the man.
  • Anthony Peluso is going to have a bright future.
  • Is this a December Blues game? Yan Stastny, Cam Paddock and Steve Regier each scored and Manny Legace got the win for Peoria last night.

Hockey news

  • Here are the standings. The Blues are in 10th, 1 point out of eighth and two of seventh. Wow.
  • Last night's games didn't hurt the Blues -- mostly because they won. Here's tonights action.
  • Games of significance: Islanders (over Minnesota), Avs (over Ducks), and San Jose (over Chicago if only because the Sharks guys root for us, so we'll root for them. Until the playoffs).
  • Speaking of the Islanders -- Doug Weight wants to stay put.
  • I'm beginning to hate the charity OT point after reading that the Preds have gotten three in a row now.
  • The Phoenix Coyotes are having a promotion where they are offering tickets with the purchase of a handle (1.75 litres ... why yes I did use to work in a liquor store).
  • Martin Gerber will be taking some time off. Curtis Joseph will be the No. 1 for a bit. 
  • I'm now tired of the Alex Ovechkin/Don Cherry "feud."
  • Blogger meets journo. Both write about encounter. Awesome stuff.
  • I'm glad I'm not an Avs fan, fantaking is no fun.


  • From DanGNR comes the HOLY FUCKING SHIT story of the day. 
  • I know a lot of you are from Illinois ... did you corrupt this mayor?
  • Don't worry about locking your  cars doors anymore.
  • RFJCC ... I have a new mission for you. Get the Game Time Logo on google earth.


I have no background for this vid. It starts off with DJ King teaching Tyson Strachan how to fight and then pans to show TJ Oshie and Patrick Berglund scrapping. No one stops them and they just stop and act like nothing happened. Berg looks like he might be a good fighter.


Site news

Please do come back later today for a double dose of fun. Boss man Brad will have a column AND a You Write the Comedy: Edition -- those threads are always good. If you have any good links, send 'em to gametimelinks (at)