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Thursday Links

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I swear the Blues just played the Vancouver Canucks. Actually, I swore a lot in that game (see what I did there ... that's why I get the big bucks). Anyway ... let's get to some linkage.

Blues news

Better know thy enemy

  • The Canucks travel a lot, but apparently do it in style. The photo illustration on this article alone is worth a click. (Tip o' the hat to LuvHockey)
  • Last time out, Vancouver won 5-2.
  • This is why you don't talk about contracts. 
  • Want more Canucks news? Don't care about silly things like easiness to read? Click here.
  • If you want more Canuck news with causal swearing, head over to Nucks Misconduct.

Hockey news

  • What the fuck. The Blues take one day off and drop back in the standings? Sitting in 11th, 2 out of 8th and 3 out 7th.
  • From the comments ... a great playoff site. (DanGNR, who is dropping more dimes than David Perron).
  • Counting on the Islanders and Avs to help out last night was probably wishful thinking. 
  • Tonight's games. Calgary (over Columbus), San Jose (over Nashville), LA (over Dallas) and Phoenix (over Edmonton).
  • Another look at the trade deadline, three weeks later. 
  • Ryan Miller is coming back Friday ... probably too late.
  • Goal celebrations.
  • The man who outbid himself for A-Rod might sell some of his stake in the Dallas Stars. 
  • Another year, another season without playoffs in Atlanta. Hildymac and the 10 other fans must be bummed.


  • I got an email with a link from Mr. RFJCC with the words enjoy. And you know what, I did and it was safe for work. (That last one is photoshopped, but still funny.)
  • Mike Illitch's other team doesn't respect Good Friday. (Thanks Donut King)
  • Apparently, the economic strife has passed in Nashville.


Let's have some more of this ... but without the Canucks getting to score. Brad's heart can't take it.


Site news

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