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Dear Jackass At Stick And Puck


Dear Jackass at Stick and Puck,

I do not, reapeat, NOT want to engage you in an sort of conversation. Stick and puck is like the men's room. There is a code here. That code is, don't talk to other dudes or look them in the eye.

Let me explain. We got off to a bad start. It went downhill when you told the first guy out on the ice to put a helmet on. Let me explain further. You actually told the guy, "Hey Cinderella, you need to put a brain bucket on. Yeah, brain bucket.  For your brain, OK?" That basically let me know you are a jackass.

Secondly, when I get out on the ice do not send me a rink long pass to get me to play pass back/one timer fun time with you. Hence me catching the puck on my stick and only sending it half way back down. I should have just launched it into the stands.

I get noticed a lot. I'm very attractive and talented. Stick and puck is for practice and training purposes, not a place to make friends. I let you off the hook and just decided to ignore you. The main reason I chose to ignore you is that I can't be seen next to a guy with roller hockey pants on. I have an image to protect. I was there fine tuning my Answer Game. I have a game tonight and then I'm off to KC for a weekend tournament where I plan to dominate the other team and make them feel shame.

From here on out, go make friends somewhere else and never use the term "brain bucket" unless you would like to retain your jackassiness. Take off your roller pants at the ICE rink. Unless you are looking to hook up with another dude.  



P.S.  I hate you.