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Friday Links

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I'm 23-years-old, but I have the face of a teenager. I get carded going to R-rated movies. Needless to say, I can't grow facial hair. However, I'm growing an ugly beard to support this team. It's the least I can do. Let's get to the links.


Blues news

  • The chants were the rage at Scottrade last night. Here's the AP writeup. 
  • Great lede from the Vancouver Sun. I really think that's the big difference right now. If the Blues lose, there's no tomorrow.
  • In case you missed it ... Jeremey Rutherford's chat wrap.
  • The Blues believe. My "playoff beard" says I believe, too. 
  • Some of the youngsters are getting valuable experience in the Frozen Four. 
  • Single game playoff tickets go on sale Saturday. Fuck and yes.
  • National media-types are starting to notice the Blues. (Thanks to our "Islanders bigamist whore" (his words, not mine) Dominik)

Hockey news

  • If the playoff started today. Here are the standings. The Blues are 10, one point away from 7th and 8th. I'm downright giddy. 
  • Last night's games helped a little. Here are tonight's games. Only one really stands out: Ducks vs. Oilers. I guess we want the Ducks to win? I'm not sure. Lemme know what you guys think.
  • Gary Bettman says the Coyotes might get a new owner, but they will be staying put. 
  • Some NHL players are going carbon-neutral
  • Evegeni Nabokov talks to Puck Daddy. Why is this important? He admits to hating the Red Wings. 
  • Wait ... the AVS suck, but haven't started rebuilding? Things could get ugly in Denver. 


  • Today's fucked up story ... seriously What. The. Fuck. 
  • If you have Facebook, don't be a fucking moron
  • If you're hauling guns and drugs don't speed. It's simple people. 
  • Girly sports fights. Surprsingly, some hockey fights make the list.


I think we might need an Oshie intervention. The man is getting personal highlight packages on YouTube.

That's it for me for the week. I'll be in Chicago for the weekend, but Poor College Student will be here to guide you through Saturday's big game. Please, come back?