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Saturday Morning Links

We know what's at stake tonight, folks. A win and a Nashville loss gets the Blues into the playoff picture. Ho. Lee. Shit.

Onto the links:

Blues News:

NHL News:

  • Joey MacDonald, former Wings netminder, earns his first career shutout at the expense of his former team. And as a New York Islander, too. Fuck Detroit.
  • Ray Emery makes the news in a bad way: Getting his car impounded
  • RFJCC, is this your work? Kudos, if it is. Bail check's on the way, if needed.
  • Scores from around the league. Thank God the Ducks/Oilers game didn't go to OT.
  • Standings. We Are One. Point. Out.
  • Tonight's games. Blues will take help from: LA (Over Nashville), Calgary (Over the Wilds), and Florida (Over Dallas).

Other News and Things:


Enjoy the pugilistic stylings of Tony Twist and Kelly Chase, accompanied by the musical stylings of Motorhead.

That's all for the links. Keep coming back for all of today's stuff, including another Pre-Game Inspirational Speech and the GDT. As always, send your best finds on the internet to gametimelinks (at)