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Pre-Game Jitters? Pre-Game Interview.

I know we're all feeling the jitters of yet another must-win day. Seriously, let's get to the game already because if I'm allowed to sit around and think of all the superstitious bullshit that I should be doing, I'm going to wind up with OCD.

I'm being affected to the point where I left some things in the paper tonight solely because I think they're good luck. Yikes.

You wanna know who isn't nervous? King of St. Louis TJ Oshie.

Check out the Teej's pre-game interview where he gets asked about 'the goal' (again) and gets to talk about teaching the Technoviking how to block a shot.



Be back for the GDT if you're not going to the DrinkScotch. If you're going or staying, be sure to break out your lucky jersey, beer, hat, undies, whatever. We're gonna need it.