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Sunday Morning Links: Cardiac Arrest Edition


What a finish!

Of course, we really shouldn't be saying all these things about the Blues pulling one out at the wire (*cough* 2 goal lead *cough*) but it certainly beats losing at the wire.

Regardless, we've got an even better shot at notching a playoff spot today. First order of business is beating those bastard Jackets again.


Blues News:

  • Blues win! Antacid sales increase 200%! The AP wrote about it. Norm Sanders (of the Belleville News Democrat) did, also. A look from Columbus's point of view. And the P-D write up.
  • Jeremy Rutherford writes on the Central, Berglund's 20th, and how Janssen handles his healthy scratches.
  • St. Louis Blues Word of the Month: Commitment
  • And if last night's heart attack wasn't enough, we do it all over again with Columbus in their house at 4PM today on FSN-Midwest.

Hockey News:

  • Scores from Saturday. Nashville won. Bastards.
  • The all-important NHL Standings. Tied with Edmonton at 81. They have us in 8th. As I understand it we should be in 9th since we haven't beaten the Oil. Eh, it'll all be different after today, right?
  • Today's schedule. DJ comes through with every possible outcome affecting the Blues.
  • Hockey and science in the same place. Where was this when I was in grade school?
  • Since they went to all the trouble of beating Minnesota, drop by Matchsticks and Gasoline and thank the Keenanites.

Other Stuff:


As a "thank you" to Eric Nystrom, who scored the GW goal for Calgary (over Minnesota), here's his rendition of Ned Braden's striptease from Slapshot:


That's it for me. AverageJoe takes over on Monday and will pilot us through mornings coming off of many sleepless nights and many bottles of Pepto. Got something fun to link to? gametimelinks (at)