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Tuesday Morning Link Dump

I don't think I need to tell you guys just how big the Blues game is tonight. It's early in the morning and I'm already getting my swear word vocabulary polished for the vile Red Wings. Tonight will be fun. While you wait, here are some things to click on and enjoy.

Blues news

  • The Post-Dispatch calls this game a big one.
  • Here's the preview of the game from the PD and the AP.
  • More from the D, Marian Hossa will be back tonight. Goody.
  • Ever wanted to wear a jersey that Eric Brewer wore? Well now is your chance! The Oshie one might be out of your price range.
  • In case you didn't know, the trade deadline is Wednesday. Dan O'Neill offers the five best and five worst Blues deals. Henry Miller will probably like one of the bad deals.
  •  Despite having two goalies who would make me drink heavily if I had to root for them, the Wings are too loaded to make a deal. 
  • More deadline fun: Some PD folk offer their thoughts on the deadline vis-a-vis the Blues making a move.
  • More Pronger-to-the-Blues talk. Man rumors travel fast.

Hockey news

  • In trade news ... Puck Daddy breaks down players likely to move. I didn't know the Ian Lapperriere was a poor man's David Backes. I didn't realize Lappy had become so awesome.
  • Oh! Canada rumors.
  • Former Blue Lee "Dutchie" Stempniak and Jamal Mayers may be on the move from the Leafs. (Leaves?)
  • Niclas Havelid is no longer rumored to be packing his bags. Thoughts from the Thrash side, and the Devils side.
  • What's it like to be every GM .... except for Brett Hull who just plays golf. Warning, link contains a pic of Ryan Smyth's ugly ass crying. Shudder
  • Ott gets one game? The fuck?
  • I hate everyone in this picture so much. Story here
  • Sean Avery. Will he just go the fuck away?

Other news

  • This is why I don't wear camo. That and I don't hunt. 
  • Canada has some shitty beaches.
  • Ever wondered if you're going to get a tape worm? Find out
  • Detroit sucks.


This is an oldie but a goodie. I was seven when this went down and I hung the picture of Cujo rocking Cheveldae hanging on my wall. Ken Wilson seals the deal on this one. Awesome fight.

GO BLUES! Fuck the Red Wings. Fuck Detroit. Check back later for more content, and of course, the GDT.