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If Blues Can Put Out New Products, So Can We

You might have seen our post on Sunday about new products the Blues "could" be putting out on the market to capitalize on the team's surge in popularity. Well since we're a bunch of coat-tail riding oportunists.

Now we've had Game Time gear for almost a year now. And just last week our logo showed up in the stands on television during the Blues' win at Dallas. SO we decided to kick it up a notch.

Game Time Swimwear

All four women who come to our Web site, ever have plans to go to the pool or the lake and not know what to wear? Well then try an itsy witsy, teany weanie GT bikini. Some girl named Megan Fox models the prototype.


It's stylish, yet understated. Plus the blue of the logo plays off her eyes. Fellas, you were looking at her eyes, right? Right? We expect this one to be a big seller with at least two sold by the end of the year.

Game Time Lounge Around In Bed Wear

Say it's a lazy Sunday and you just want to stay in bed watching Sex and the City reruns. Don't get caught wearing some sloppy secondhand clothes.


Sean Avery could not be reached for comment.

Game Time Hoodie

Ok, this piece of clothing is actually something you can buy and wear proudly at the GT gear link above. They come in different colors and are really comfortable. Some of our best readers said they'd be crazy not to wear their GT hoodie.


That's it, our Spring collection if you will. Any suggestions for new GT gear?

Oh, and don't forget to come back for the sure to epic and exciting game day thread tonight for the Blues' game against the hated Detroit Red Wings. All the cool kids will be there.