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Red Wings @ Blues GDT

Hello Blues fans, and welcome to the first game of the rest of your lives...if you believe the Post-Dispatch's assertion that tonight's game could affect how the Blues approach the NHL trade deadline tomorrow.

To us at Game Time, the matchup tonight is signficant in that the Blues need wins to keep in the playoff hunt. Oh, and the opponent is Detroit.


Recession? What recession?

I think you know what's on the line for the Blues: points in the standings, pride, shoving it in the Wings' face after they lost 8-0 at Nashville on Saturday.

There's a chance the Wings may think the game tonight is going to get physical. This week the team called up Aaron Downey. Yes, the same Aaron Downey is a former Blue and who we called a coward last year. And that led to us calling Wings fans the most thin-skinned in the entire NHL. No, of course we're not bitter Blues fans.

Game time is 7:30 p.m. CST. Chris Mason will be in net after appearing in every game in February.

Dear commenters, we are leaving the keys to the house in your hands tonight. The guys who claim to run this place will be either at the game or doing work things (sucks to be the guy who rhymes with Juan Mallagher). So we're leaving you alone tonight without adult supervision. It will make things easier and your work here will look more impressive if you just stick around the house tonight and not teepee the neighbors if you know what I mean. I have a feeling the eyes of several other blogs will be here tonight.

Make us proud. Fill up those comments.

P.S. Fuck Detroit.