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Monday Links

I'm going to have to apologize to everyone up front. I have been a traveling man -- Hannibal to Chicago and to my parents home in the St. Louis-area. I wound up nowhere near WiFi or even high speed. I'm on my dialup -- yep that still exists. So the links are gonna suck.. I'll make up for it later.  Special hat tip to my good buddy Nate for helping me find links.

Blues news

  • The playoff are in the playoff picture after beating the Jackets twice in two days. Awesome.
  • Patrik Berglund had a nice game.
  • T.J. "King of St. Louis" Oshie is winning over St. Louis and pissing off the league. Good.
  • Oshie might need to hire a body guard -- man crushes everywhere.
  • Puck Daddy weighs in on the Blues. Shockingly, he also loves Oshie.

Hockey news

  • Here are the standings. Soak these in.
  • Yesterday's results ... Fuck Detroit.
  • Today's games. Looks like we can not scoreboard watch for tonight. You can head to Fear the Fin to pull for the Sharks in you'd like.
  • This column wouldn't load, but I thought you guys would like to read a fourth NHL story. I honestly have no idea what it says, but I got the link.



Nice game Rick Nash, too bad you're ass just got sacked by T.J. Oshie.


That will do it for today. Join Game Time later for some more goodness and please come back tomorrow where I will have high speed WiFi and be able to load more than one page at a time!