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Tuesday Links

My favorite thing about the playoffs is that there is a game every other day. I don't like this two days off thing. I guess I'm just really in the mood for some Motivational Speeches. Oh well ... let's get to the links: now with hi-speed internet!

Blues news

  • It's been said before, but the Miracle on Martin Luther King Jr. Day changed the season.
  • Seriously ... look at the numbers since the Boston win. The Blues have been amazing.
  • Chris "The Beard" Mason gets some love for the playoff push. Mase has been huge, but I'm giving credit to the entire team. Everyone is busting their ass. As Brad said, when Brad Boyes is back-checking you know the team is playing hard. 
  • Have the hockey gods ended their long-standing hatred of the Blues?
  • This story is old, but I love that teams are "overwhelmed" by the Blues. 
  • Mason gets profiled here. Ignore the massive error in the second graf -- Mase was traded for a pick, not a FA signing. Good fact checking 
  • We've predicted it on this site -- people are starting to notice this scrappy team.

NHL news

  • Here are the standings. They will change tonight -- and not for the good of the Blues.
  • Last night's games happened. Tonight some games will happen. Results we want: Columbus over Nashville, Edmonton over Anaheim, Nucks over Wild, Habs over Hawks, Kings over Stars. Remember, the Oilers/Ducks game will push the Blues out of the playoffs, but the 'Note will still have a game in hand -- which only matters if we get a point.
  • The Central Division gets some credit for not being just the Red Wings division.
  • Sean Avery vs. Marty Broduer was, like most Devils games, boring
  • Might be old news by now: The Canucks and the Hawks had a brawl. Hair was pulled (Hat tip to Amanda for bringing this to our attention). 
  • Mr. Gallagher somehow finds time to pass this along ... a map of hockey fans.
  • T.J. Oshie approves this message.
  • Shea Weber talks to Puck Daddy.  


  • Kirksville makes news World Wide. As someone who watched KTVO while at Truman, this made me laugh a whole lot. I might know a few of the people behind this.
  • Math I can get behind. 
  • Soap box: Support journalism.
  • Casual Friday means getting naked?


Berglund and Oshie are no longer roommates, but still best friends.


Let's hope this works. If the embed fails, go here.


Also ...Blues/Bruins highlights to refresh your memories.

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