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The NHL Network's Chris Kerber Interview

The NHL Network has been profiling the NHL teams' announcers all year in a half-hour segment they call 'Voices.' Just in time for the free preview this week, St. Louis' radio voice Chris Kerber is spotlighted today at 6:30 p.m.

If you miss it, no worries, the NHL Network hasn't quite figured out how to fill 24 hours a day yet, so it'll be on again.

Voices is the program that made Panthers' announcer Randy Moller an internet phenomenon and in this version there's no way to cover Kerbs without also covering Kelly Chase, which is a boon to Blues fans. Say what you will about the various announcers the Blues have employed currently or in the past, but Kerber and Chase have always been fun to catch.

Here's your preview:


Bonus: Caught on tape is the only time that the Robot has ever smiled.

Bonus inside information: Kerbs loves the McRib so much that he buys extra and deep-freezes them for the McRib off-season. You're welcome.