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Thursday Morning Linkage

Things I learned at the Trade Deadline: Playoff experience is still valued, the Leafs are the only business in the world willing to take on money and a hug does not mean a player has been traded. Let's get onto to the links.

Blues news

  • As you may have heard, Keith Tkachuk will be wearing the Bluenote until season's end.
  • Normal chat-man Jeremy Rutherford will not be hosting his Thursday Blues chat. Jeff Gordon will take his place. Adjust the intelligence of your questions accordingly.
  • Speaking of Gordo, he talks about life without Chris Pronger.
  • In this notebook we learn of the return of large Ben Bishop and the end of the CHRIS HOLT! era. 
  • Here's the official announcement of the roster move.

Hockey news

Other news


So the video I wanted has embeding disabled. Well you can watch and enjoy a short- and bleached-T.J. Oshie showing off. After that, enjoy Oshie's roommate scroing a sick goalie in Sweeden.


Enjoy the links. If you have one you'd like to share, send it to gametimelinks (at)