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Friday Morning Links

Two good things about today: It's Friday and the Blues play. Awesome. Let's get to some linkage.


Blues news

  • As I said before, the Note returns to the ice after shitting the bed against Detroit. That game seems like it happened a week ago. Anyway, the Blues will be taking on the Tampa Bay Lightning. Here's a preview
  • Just a reminder, the game will be on KPLR. So remember, it's not your TV that sucks, it's the station.
  • With Ben Bishop up, we could see a battle of St. Louisians tonight.
  • Jeff Gordon answered questions yesterday. If you can tell me what this means, you win.  "It is unhappy how he can hit the mark with his one-time blast."
  • Phil McRae needs one more goal to beat his old man, Mighty Ducks star Basil McRae.
  • Better know the opposition: Noah Welch will be donating his brain to science when he dies.
  • Unlike the Blues, the Lightning were sellers at the deadline. 

Hockey news

  • The ugliest man in hockey scores twice in his first game as a member of the Flames. 
  • Bill Guerin drops a dime on Sid the Kid's goal. 
  • Here are the rest of the scores from last night.
  • Games tonight not featuring the Blues here.
  • Even after the pounding by Detroit, the Blues are still just four points out. 
  • Alex Ovechkin missed a game against the terrible Leafs. 
  • Speaking of Ove, last weekend Don Cherry ripped him. You didn't read about it here because I dropped the ball. Anyway here's Cherry, here's Ove's reaction.
  • Martin Gerber is already really popular in Toronto.

Other news

  • I don't know the user name of the person who sent this ... but it's pretty good. A new dress for ladies who like to flash. Seriously
  • Athletes like to drink.
  • Let's pour out some milk for some fallen cereals.


Enjoy watching goalies suck.

That'll do it for me for the week. Be sure to visit Poor College Student this weekend. Also, send some links (with your name!) to gametimelinks (at) Go Blues and have a good weekend.