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Pun-Free Post Game: Blues Get Two Points Off Lightnings

You know what's amazing? We mean besides the fact that we avoided a lightning-related pun in our headline for two straight stories. What's amazing is that teams can quickly post interviews on their website right after a game is played and the interview is finished and yet they have virtually no way to use one more microphone in order to catch the actual questions that are asked.

Then again, they're probably the same four questions every night, right? And people wonder why we don't try to get press passes to be part of these sessions. Shit, why would we want to give our people narcolepsy?

You know what's great? A guy like Rick Tocchet, who could easily be in jail now if he hadn't rolled/pleaded out of gambling and/or conspiracy charges, can get a prime-time gig in the NHL. Doesn't he look more like a guy who got killed at the end of his three-episode arc on The Sopranos? By the way, nice analysis on the game, Rick:

"That sucked."

As for the Blue side of this game, the good news:

  • Two points.
  • Guys who needed to hit the stat sheet did hit the stat sheet: Tkachuk, McDonald, Backes and Boyes all bury chances; Oshie and Colaiacovo add assists and confidence to their games.
  • Boyes not only hits the net but does so in big fashion - the perfect shot in the top corner. We've been harping on him to get his shots on net because so many of his miss, and this one illustrates why so many of his go wide and back out of the offensive zone on the other side. If that thing goes one or two more inches up or right, it's no goal. He's trying to be too precise. Luckily it worked out great tonight.
  • This team is one big family. Unlike other teams, they stand up for each other unconditionally. Someone gets cheap-shotted, someone else steps in to address it. Trading Tkachuk might have torn a hole in this team's soul. Glad to see that management was able to value their chemistry over another second round pick and a player who brings who-knows-what to the table.

The bad:

  • Two points was just enough to maintain status quo: still in 12th place, four points out of eighth.
  • Game tomorrow against a rested Panthers team that has been pretty good lately.

Rest up boys, stay out of those Miami strip clubs tonight. Or at least make sure you get all the glitter off of you and plenty of fluids and sleep before practice tomorrow.