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Saturday Morning Links

Welcome to the weekend, folks. Weather's supposed to be nice and the Blues are coming off a win last night. Well hot damn.

Onto the links:

Blues News and Notes:

NHL News and Notes:

  • Preds d-man Shea Weber sure does enjoy his fisticuffs.
  • NHL is mixing up the coverage for the Stanley Cup Finals. VERSUS gets games 3 and 4 with NBC covering the 1 and 2 and 5 through 7. Enjoy this take on what it means.
  • On a somber note, Colleen Howe, wife of Mr. Hockey, has passed away.
  • Scores from last night. Thanks to the Sabres for taking care of (what's left of) Phoenix and to both Dallas and and Anaheim for at least not going to OT.
  • And after all of last night's action, the Blues still sit 4 points out. Here are the standings.
  • Tonight's action. I'll be rooting for Philly, Toronto, and for no OT in LA.
  • Gary Roberts appears to be done. Here's one of his last interviews back with the Penguins.
  • Kyle McLaren's trade to the Flyers is nullified as he fails his physical. Back to SJ with him, then.

Other Stuff:

And finally, enjoy two future Blues endeavoring to knock the crap out of each other:

See you tomorrow. You oughta know by now, but in case you don't, drop by anything that's fit to print for the morning link dump at gametimelinks (at) Go Blues!