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Celebrate The Roadie: Germany or Florida

After nabbing an important two points last night in Tampa before heading to somewhere near Miami for tonight's game against the Panthers we feel like everyone needs a break from the pressure of must-win hockey.

As a team morale tool and way to relax before the game, we present a version of Germany or Florida. This game was created by the writers of the Jimmy Kimmel Show and popularized by Kimmel's long-time buddy and Loveline host, Adam Carolla. The basic premise is simple: every extremely strange news story originates from either Germany or (you guessed it) Florida.


Thank you Adam Carolla.

Two points earned, two more available. But that's later. How many points can you get in this game?

  1. Woman puts her 'nearly new' baby up for bid on Ebay. Germany or Florida?
  2. When a woman is denied her fast food, she calls the police. Germany or Florida?
  3. Teacher loses his job after being accused of performing wizardry. Germany or Florida?
  4. Adult children looking for a frozen pizza at their mother's house instead find three frozen babies. Germany or Florida?
  5. Theives steal... forest? Germany or Florida?
  6. Authorities use tasers to subdue an emu. Germany or Florida?
  7. Man quits professional hockey rather than play in Germany or Florida?

Be back for the game preview/game day thread later today. Because seriously, who goes out on Saturday night anyway?