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Sunday Morning Links

Well, that fucking sucked rancid sewer water. While I was unable to partake in last night's GDT, I found my way to a trivia night with the game on TV and free beer. I love you folks, but, come on...passing up free beer?. Regardless, I was unimpressed with the end result.

Onto the links and such:

Blues News:

NHL News:


Other News:

  • Sex, lies, and Chicago. (Tip of the hat to Milo)
  • The saga of the "McNugget lady" continues.
  • Poor College Student to celebrate his final day of Spring Break as an undergrad with alcohol. Lots and lots of alcohol.
  • You should have set your clock ahead one hour by now.


Annnnnnd finally, we'll see you on Tuesday at 7:30 to take on the Stars. Enjoy the YouTube video while asking yourself, "Can you pick on Ed Belfour too much?"