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Wednesday Links

Public service announcement: Today is April Fool's Day. Be skeptical of jars of peanuts.

Today is a game day which automatically makes it a good day. Like a lot of people, I hated the Blackhawks before the Red Wings and still take joy in seeing them lose. Let's get to the links.

Blues news

  • Blues vs. Blackhawks tonight. Game starts at 7:30 and is on FSN. Here are some previews.
  • For the other side of this rivalry, check out Second City.
  • Speaking of the Hawks. They played last night and didn't do very well. 
  • The Blues came back to St. Louis after Sunday's game, so today "starts" a crucial road trip. 
  • A handy little schedule for the next few games. 
  • Five questions with Larry Pleau. 
  • The Blues are invigorated by the youth. 
  • Blues are the chic team -- everyone loves them!
  • Carlo Colaiacovo is doing quite well rocking the 'Note (Tip of my Blues cap to bigamist Hildy). 
  • The Blues are too green to make any noise in the playoffs? T.J. Oshie laughs at you.

Hockey news

  • Updated standings. Boy having a playoff spot sure was night. A win tonight puts the boys right back in it.
  • Last night wasn't brutal for the Blues, tonight is all us.
  • Mike Danton is in Canada, wants parole.
  • A Hanson son signs with the Leafs. 
  • I like not being on this list. 
  • Andy Murray for Coach of the Year?


  • Gotta love Ohio (Thank you Karen). 
  • I too have wondered what it feels like to be shot. The difference between me and this guy is I don't go through with it. 
  • The Unemployed Olympics happened.
  • The best April Fool's Day hoaxes.


Last time these two teams squared off ... it was a day before Valentines Day and the Blues won 1-0.

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