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Could Mike Danton Make A Comeback?

According to TSN, former Blues pest Mike Danton (actually Jefferson) has been transferred to a Canadian prison and is already eligible for parole north of the border.


What a waste.

Danton has been behind bars since his arrest in April 2004 on charges that he attempted to hire a hitman to kill his agent, mega-creep David Frost. Danton pled guilty in federal court in November 2004 and was sentenced to more than seven years in prison. U.S. District judge William Stiehl said, "I do not believe in over 18 years on the bench I have been faced with a case as bizarre as this one."

Frost has denied the entire time that he was the target of the never-arranged hit (Tip to wannabe murder arrangers: don't ask police dispatchers to perform the hit). In fact, Frost and Danton are still close. There was the disturbing audio of Frost telling Danton to tell him he loved him on the phone from jail (the "Fifth Estate" on CBC has a time line for Danton's disturbed life as well as the audio and transcripts online). Frost has been acquitted of sexual assualt of young hockey players and for fraudulently using Danton's credit card. Apparently, Danton gave Frost a credit card in his name while in prison. The whole thing is sad.

So. Danton could be a free man soon. The TSN story says Danton would like to attempt a comeback. I'm sure living on prison food and living in a cell since the spring of 2004 will probably be a tad detrimental. And no prison I've ever been in has had an ice rink. I mean...I've never been to prison, but I doubt any of them have an ice rink. And say Danton were somehow as a convicted felon were to be given a visa to the United States, do you think Danton could make a comeback? Would any team give him a chance at a comeback?

Honestly, the No. 1 thing Danton needs to do with his life is get as far away from Frost as he can. Anything else is secondary. I hope he can finally pull his life together.