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Sometimes You Get The Bear...

...And sometimes the bear gets you.

When your team comes out and plays as poor a game as the Blues did tonight, there's only one thing to do: admit you played poorly and move on. It happens to every team and tonight was the night for the Note.



As if the Blackhawks crowd wasn't listless enough, the Blues matched them, yawn for yawn the whole way. We're not going to be able to point out anything that you didn't see for yourself, so a couple notes for your discussion:

  • Even when you know it's a big game and you say it's a big game and you decide to get up for the big game, sometimes you still play like microwaved shit.
  • Crappy ice screws up the game, yes, but it screws up both sides. Given the style the Hawks try to play their own choppy ice should have hurt them more.
  • Has anyone seen the Kids tonight? Don't be surprised if another message gets sent.
  • Both the Committed Indian and Game Time have been hyping up the renewed rivalry between the Hawks and the Blues. I certainly hope that we didn't convince some pseudo hockey fans to tune in tonight to see the FIRE OF THE RIVALRY! tonight only to take this clunker in. They'll never believe a word either of us print again.
  • Speaking of the Hawks, they didn't exactly have a great game, either. They outplayed the Blues, yes, but I'd have a hard time believing that was the fourth-seeded team based solely on this game.

Tomorrow the Blues have a game against some team from the third world nation of Michigan. We'll see if we can find any information about them on the knowledgable hockey giant that is