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Friday Links

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I'd like to thank the Red Wings for shitting the bed last night. Get fucked you guys. Now that that's out of the way, let's get ready for the biggest game of the Dave Checketts Era. I can't wait for this game to start. Scottrade better be rocking tonight. Let's get to some links.

Blues news

  • Louie the Bear vs. the Green Yellow Mosquito. Here are a couple of previews.
  • Paul Kariya wants to come back but the Blues might not want him back? Yeah I'd rather see a grinder play than a guy who is bona-fide playmaker. I'm starting to like you Andy Murray, don't fuck this up by sitting Kariya if he's healthy. 
  • The JR chat wrap has some gems. My fave: Who is the kid line? Welcome back, bandwagon fans.
  • Jeff Gordon makes a good point: The fun has just begun.
  • B.J. Crombeen was just the latest pplayer to step up.
  • In case you have been living under a rock or are a newborn, the Blues are nearing in on a playoff berth. 
  • Hey a Manny Legace story.
  • Alex Pietrangelo was named the top prospect by hockey futures. T.J. Oshie also makes the list. 
  • Awards time for the Rivermen. 

Hockey news

  • Standings. The Blues are tied with Nashville (fuck you Wings) but still ahead thanks to a game in hand. 
  • Last night's games didn't help. Let's hope the Blues take care of business tonight. Minnesota over Nashville and Dallas over Anaheim. Those would be huge.
  • The Canucks are en fuego lately. Yeah, I took Spanish for six years. 
  • A ref is hanging up his whistle. 
  • Look at this list and just be glad we aren't on it. 
  • Is this the year for the Sharks? not if they matchup with the Blues in the first round. 
  • A look at teams that have something to prove. (DanGNR ... again)
  • Ads on glass gets a big fail from me. 

Other news

  • The worst job in the world. (DanGNR)
  • Underwater adventures. (DanGNR)
  • Secret Service code names.
  • Don't tell the cop you smoke crack. 
  • School changes name of football field to avoid drug references. 


What did you think I was going to show. Rick nASH gets pwned.

Please come back. This will be home base for those who can't go to the game. LET'S GO BLUES!!!!!!! Oh and please come back this weekend for the Poor College Student shift. He bring the goods.