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Brad and Sean  will probably write about this more eloquently than I can. The Blues, the team that idled in 15th place much of 2008 clinched a playoff berth tonight (thanks Minnesota!). The Blues were so bad, Gallagher wrote about tanking to get a good draft pick. He wasn't being a downer — that was just how we all felt. Then David Backes tipped in a goal on MLK Day and shit started going right. Holy cow, playoff hockey is back in St. Louis.

Poor College Student will have links tomorrow — all of them should be awesome. The Bossmen I'm sure will have something to say, but Brad informs me there will be much drinking tonight. Enjoy the win, Blues fans. If you were here after the lock out and watched guys like Mike Glumac suit up, enjoy it even more.

The St. Louis Blues: Back in the Playoffs.

I need to lie down.