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Saturday Morning Links: Playoff Berth Edition

YES! We did it! We did it! We did it!

Witty commentary and brilliant insight fail me at this point. I'm still bouncing off the walls from the win that put us IN to the playoffs for good!

Onto the links:

Blues News:

  • The Post-Dispatch sums up the game and the kickass run to the playoffs. TSN's write-up (I think they used the AP)
  • Remember when the Blues were pondering dealing Walt? Bernie Miklasz does.
  • They figured it'd be loud on Friday night. They were right. There's also an update on Eller's probable location for next year.
  • Who needs tickets? Tickets here!
  • Keith Tkachuk gets a little Puck Daddy love.
  • If you'd still like a copy of last night's paper, e-mail gametimelinks (at) And always send your good links and random internet deliciousness there, too.

NHL News:

Other Stuff:

Project Mayhem

  • Get the GT logo visible from Google Earth. We'll need somebody with the ability or connections to get the logo enlarged to about 10'x10' (at the minimum) along with someone with a rooftop space to donate for display. Let us know what you can contribute in the comments


Nothing quite like waking up and realizing your hard fought battle to get what you want has paid off. Almost like being a kid at Xmas time after lobbying your parents for that Nintendo 64.