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Sunday Morning Links

It still feels nice to say:





But you didn't come here to read my rambling commentary, you want my internet finds:

Blues News:

  • Playoff tickets: Part of me wants to say we should sell 19,249 tickets just to keep Louie on the roof.
  • According to the STL/COL preview, the Blues are unlikely to start Ben Bishop in goal. Sounds like Murray wants that 6th seed. 4PM on FSN. Go bug the opposition at Mile High Hockey
  • Here's some fancy statistics on attendance at the Drinkscotch. My summary: Lotta people showin up compared to a few years ago.
  • Playoff implications: A win today gets us the 6th spot. A loss (of any sort) keeps us in 8th. Simple as that.

NHL News:

Other Stuff:

  • This link was sent to the e-mail address and was described as "online crack." Since I'm at home on my folks computer putting this together, I'm not sure what it is since it doesn't work. I'm sure it's good, right?
  • How about those BU boys with their NCAA hockey championship? Bet they don't have to do much to get into parties.


  • For today's video, I'd like to see anyone who drops a comment in to also leave a link to their favorite YouTube clip, Google Video, or something similar. Call it a GT Potluck or something.

That's all for me! Back to Averagejoe over at the weekday news desk.