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Blues Win = Sixth Place

At dinner last night, the waiter saw my Blues pullover and brought up Friday night's game. Then he asked about the team's last game, Sunday afternoon at Colorado.

Waiter Bill: "Hey if the Blues win, what place will they be in?"

Me: "Well it all depends on how the other teams today. But I'm sure the BJs didn't lose again and the Ducks have been on fire. But let me check the scores on my wife's phone."

WB: "Cool. I hope they don't play Detroit."

Me: "Maybe if they advance. Ok, it's loading...Holy...Crap. Columbus lost again and the Ducks lost in extra. Wait. That means...a win puts the Blues in sixth place."

WB: "NO....WAY. You're lying, right? Come on, don't tease me."

Me: "Trust me buddy, I'm as shocked as you are."

What's really funny is that Gallagher and I actually thought about not putting up a GDT today to signify what we thought about this game and probably the team's attitude towards it.

So here's your chart, graphical proof of the possibility. My favorite part: every Blues square is green. I fucking hated those red ones the last few weeks.