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Blues Playoff Schedule - UPDATED

According to Tom Ackerman at KMOX radio, the rights holder for the St. Louis Blues, here is the schedule for the St. Louis vs. Vancouver first round playoff series.

(all times St. Louis)

Game 1: Wednesday, 9 p.m. in Vancouver

Game 2: Friday, 9 p.m. in Vancouver

Game 3 Sunday, 6 p.m. in St. Louis

Game 4 Tuesday, 7 p.m.  in St. Louis

Game 5 Friday, 9 p.m. in Vancouver

Game 6 Sunday,  7 p.m. in St. Louis

Game 7 Tuesday, 9 p.m. in Vancouver

I'm not a big fan of the break between game four and five, but it means not having to get up for work after another Vancouver game, which is nice.

The Blues Web site says it will have the schedule later tonight. We'll double check and make sure this is 100 percent accurate. Otherwise, start your planning for drinking.

UPDATE: All seven games if necessary are set to air on the hunting and bullriding channel, Versus. No word on if the fishing network has exclusive rights or if local TV can also cover.

If you don't get Versus at your home because of your cable or satellite package, vent here. Vent often.