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Monday's Sixth-Seeded Link Spectacular

Last week I was wondering if the Blues would be in the playoffs after Easter Sunday. As it turned out, the 'Note not only made the playoffs, but they are the sixth-seed. Wow. What a ride. Playoffs start this week, but for now let's get to some end-of-the-regular season-links.

Blues news

  • The Blues traveled to da dirty Den and got two points and sixth place. Here is the Associated Press recap.
  • labeled the Blues/Avs game as the Game of the Night. Nice.
  • Jeremy Rutherford compiles some quotes in his blog.
  • Vancouver gets the news they will be playing the Blues, not the Blue Jackets. You might wanna go ahead and bookmark Nucks Misconduct.
  • More from the JR blog. Paul Kariya is set to come back and Erik Johnson could be ready for the Western Conference Finals.
  • From this weekend: St. Louis and the Blues are back on speaking terms after agreeing to take a break. 

Hockey news

  • Here are your playoff matches. There are going to be some good first round matchups. Here are the final standings.
  • Scores from the last day of the NHL regular season. 
  • Jacques Lemaire is done in Minnesota but he wants to go make hockey boring somewhere else. 
  • Evgeni Malkin wins the scoring race, Alex Ovechkin scores the most goals. 
  • Awards ... ESPN style. EJ gets a mention. 

Other links

  • Questions about airline travel answered. I've always wondered why you must reset your seat. 
  • Lego Jesus. That is all. 
  • If newspapers are dying because of the comics ... well the world sucks. 
  • This is wrong. Eight-year-olds don't know how to cook. 
  • Quote of the day in this article.


Pardon me for the stroll down childhood lane ... but this video/song seemed appropriate today. Enjoy.

Well that should do it for me. I had to do this early to avoid doing them on dial up. If I missed some news, you'll get it tomorrow. Please come back for more stuff on the Canucks and Blues. Playoff hockey is coming back.