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Stanley Cup Playoffs 2009- Who ya got?


The matchups are set, the teams are preparing, the Blues are in, and the Red Berenson Cowboy has successfully taught TJ Oshie, David Backes and Chris Mason how to lick their elbows.

Now let's find out how good we are at predicting who Mr. Bettman (no, that's not him in the picture) gets to hand the Stanley Cup to in two months.

Nothing fancy, nothing spectacular, and no wagering (getting the money converted to Euros if Gerard or Marcus win would be a real bitch).

We're not looking for anaysis of every series. Just tell us three things: Stanley Cup Winner, Stanley Cup Loser, Conn Smythe Winner.

I'll go first, and it is the same thing I said last year:

San Jose over Washington with Joe Thornton winning the Conn Smythe