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Tuesday Links

Is it Wednesday yet? (Checks watch) Nope. Well here are some links to help pass the time until the puck drops.

Blues news

  • If the Blues are going to make any noise in the playoffs, they will need Chris Mason to play like he has been. 
  • Don't believe me? Look at the hot goalie factor
  • Paul Kariya, who shouldn't be getting this much pub since hes played as many games in 2009 as I have, isn't in Vancouver. 
  • Do you believe in miracles
  • All kinds of good info about the impending series with the Nucks.
  • The Blues d-man are unsung.
  • One more look at the crazy finish to the regular season. 
  • Here's a video of the last minute of Friday's game, the ensuing celebration and the jersey giveaway. It's long, but entertaining.

Nucks News

  • Roberto Luongo is playing pretty well
  • Mr. Bad Karma thought the Canucks had a chance to win the Stanley Cup. If you could see me I would rolling my eyes and making the wanking motion with one hand and rubbing my fingers together to symbolize money. 
  • The Canucks have secondary scoring. 
  • For more, Nucks Misconduct has all kinds of stuff.

Hockey news

  • ESPN gives you ten players to watch.
  • The playoffs on ESPN get fancy little pages. Here's the Blues/Van page.  
  • I'd like to think the Blues caused this
  • Playoff preview: Beard style.
  • I like the Blues odds.
  • The draft lotto is tomorrow. I don't care about it at all.   (Good luck, Dom)
  • From DanGNR: tips on how to enjoy the playoffs
  • Also from Dan -- Hockey by the numbers.



This video is to shut up the Canucks fans who have been calling Blues fans inbred and other untrue things. Is he reading? Or does he always talk like this? Nucks fans ... do you know him?

More fun stuff to come later. I can't wait for Wednesday ... or Sunday. Section 331, here I come.