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Then And Now

As has been overly-documented, the Blues' run to the playoffs really caught most of the fans off-guard. Just three months ago, most of us had written off any sort of playoff appearance.

We decided to take a look back and compare what everyone was saying about the Blues back in mid-January and then compare it to what they're saying now that we're on the eve of the team's first playoff berth in five years (four seasons - thanks for that NHL!).

Then: Your jackoff neighbor

"Dude, what's up with your Blues? They suck again!"


Now: Your jackoff neighbor

"Duuuude! What's up with our Blues? They are so awesome!"


Then: STLToday message boards

"If they don't fire Andy Murray and immediately trade Keith Tkachoke then I'm going to quit being a fan."


Now: STLToday message boards

"If they don't award Andy Murray the Jack Adams Trophy and immediately sign Keith Tkachuk to come back for veteran experience then I'm going to quit being a fan."


Then: Hockey's Future message boards

"With another lottery pick coming, the Blues will continue to build one of the best young teams in the NHL."


Now: Hockey's Future message boards

"With only a middling first round pick coming their way, the Blues are destined to be not that good again, filling their roster with only old players like David Backes (24), Brad Boyes (26) and an aging TJ Oshie (22)."


Then: Cardinals fans

"The Blues are always going to be a mess. They'll never be as good as the Cardinals, who always pack in the crowds for every game and are the best fans in baseball. We'd never stop supporting our boys with every last penny we have because we're not bandwagon fans! Bleeeaaargh!"


Now: Cardinals fans

"Hey, where'd everybody go?"


Then: Inside STL message boards

"Hockey's weird. Can someone post a picture of some tits?"


Now: Inside STL message boards

"Hockey's weird, but I'm going to games because they're cool to go to now. Can someone post a picture of some tits?"


Then: St. Louis Game Time

"Are you kidding me?"


Now: St Louis Game Time

"Are you kidding me?!"