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Wednesday first day of the Playoffs Links

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When I finally get to bed, I imagine it will be like trying to fall asleep on Christmas Eve. However, unlike Christmas Day, I have to wait until 9 p.m. (fuck you Western Time Zone) to open my present. Oh well, today is the beginning of the new season. Get excited with some links.

Blues news

  • It begins.
  • The Vets briefed the youngsters about what  "Playoff Hockey" really is.
  • Bernie says the Blues need to keep playing urgent. I agree. They better not play like they're the better team and forget to work hard. 
  • Gamesmanship before the series even starts. I love it. 
  • Puck Daddy offers his prediction for the series. I think most of you will like it. 
  • The Most Hated Man in St. Louis Sports(at least on PD forums) tips his cap to the Blues. Of course, the buffoons who comment get angry.
  • Remember, it's beard time. 
  • King Oshie was never a fan of the Canucks. 
  • Brad Boyes is in the spotlight
  • The Blues: No respect
  • Mike Weaver is short but stands tall. I hate headline writers.

Nucks news

  • No one on the Canucks roster has won a cup. 
  • Like the Blues, the Canucks are happy to be back in the playoffs. 
  • Canucks fans like the Canucks. Huh.
  • Mats Sundin will savor every shift.
  • Go to Nucks Misconduct for more.
  • Speaking of those guys, it's hard to hate you when you're being so cool.

Hockey news

  • The Islanders won the Tavares Lotto. Dom appears happy
  • Oh yeah, other teams are playing. Here's the slate for tonight.
  • I will always link to a monkey making playoff picks. Always
  • Olli Jokenen is finally playing in the playoffs.
  • Mike Modano might retire. I'm always shocked to read how old he is, he's almost 39, because he doesn't look much older than he did about 10 years ago.

Other news

  • Good news for the summer: "cheap" gas. 
  • Boy goes missing for two months ... to get fast food
  • Journalist goes to Detroit to see the "real Detroit" ... and gets mugged
  • Some cool lookin' money. 
  • The best use of Twitter.


Let's get it on. Let's play like this.