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It's Time

You know all the cliches about the playoffs:

  • Every game counts
  • Gotta win one of the first two on the road
  • Getting the first win is important
  • Be the team that dictates play
  • Never start a land war in Asia

It's time to stop talking about them and start living them. Yes, it's important for the Blues to start hard and try to impose their will on the Canucks. Yes, it's important to get at least one win in BC. Yes, it'd be great to win the first one.

But at this point, all the saying it and writing it and thinking it is out the window. It's up to the players now, as it always has been. It's time to shut up and just go.

It's time to shut up know-nothing imbeciles like Sean Pronger who clearly hasn't watched the Blues at all and thinks they're done because of their playoff run (didn't every other team play the final 30 games, too?).

It's time to show that when you're the de facto captain of the team and you say that, "to a man, we don't feel like we're done yet," that you lead the way on the ice.

It's time for the vets to let the words rest and their actions lead the way. It's time for kids to show that they aren't just kids.

It's time for all of the prognosticatons to shut up. It's time for all of our pre-game analysis to stop.

It's just time.

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Let's Go Blues.