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Thursday Links

Well that sucked. But remember kids, it's a seven game series. Don't give up hope yet. Let's get to some links.

Blues news

  • As you know, Blues lose. Here's the AP writeup, the Post-Dispatch and the Vancouver Sun.
  • If you want to hate the Canucks, here's a good reason why. 
  • T.J.Oshie doesn't want to be Mayor. He's holding out for King. 
  • Chris Mason didn't play poorly
  • David Backes has become a stud. Now let's see him take out Bobby Lou. 
  • It was nice to see/hear the Blues not shit their pants with jitters
  • Don't forget: the Blues are underdogs.

Canucks News

  • Roberto Luongo wants to win a cup. I hope it doesn't happen, unless he gets traded to the Blues. 
  • Mats Sundin is a star
  • Canucks fans show their true colors. Is that green and blue? Or black and red? Or orange?
  • Mayors talking trash. 

Hockey news

  • Other games were played last night. I'm gonna be honest, I really only care about the Blues right now.
  • Craig MacTavish was let go by the Oilers. 
  • USA! USA!
  • Vinny to the Habs? Get used to this rumor.
  • Five things learned from night one. 

Other news


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This would be the worst bachelor party ever.