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Friday's Game Two Links

Last Friday the Blues clinched a playoff spot. This Friday could be just as awesome. Let's hope so. Link time.

Blues news

  • Game two. Previews anyone?
  • The Canucks are not happy with the Icekake the Blues gave Roberto Luongo in Game 1. 
  • Patrik Berglund did not like the way he played in the first game. 
  • The key to beating Bobby Luo? Dig deeper says Jeff Gordon. 
  • The Green Goblin is suddenly Mr. Positive
  • This seems awful snarky. Oh and Erik Johnson is skating with the team.
  • Prospect Jake Allen will be at the game Sunday. I think his seat will be better than mine. 
  • CBC givin' some love to the Blues.

Nucks news

Hockey news

Other stuff

  • The Worlds Smallest things ... in pictures.
  • Ladies with playoff beards might have more to worry about than being dateless. 
  • Perry Mason doesn't have his law degree. 
  • HappyAndNumb sends along a delcious link.


No one calls David Backes a pussy and gets away with it. Please turn the sound up. By the way, Kelly is Mrs. Backes to you, fuckers. 


The Canucks Trash Talk the Blues on Game 1 of the 08/09 Playoff Series in HD (via CanucksHD)



LET'S GO BLUES! Go Back for more fun shit.