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Game Two: You Be Andy Murray

We've all done it. Sitting at the dinner table pretending to listen to our wives or daydreaming away yet another ridiculous 50 minutes in some innane class we should have skipped. It happens more often on game days, but more intensely on playoff game days.

We think about what we'd do if we were the coach of the team. Today's no different except this time we're going to put it down on the internet and hope thgat means we can actually pay attention at dinner. Because the wife is starting to get pissed.

Simple premise on this one, folks. Pick three points that you would stress to the Blues before tonight's game and then name the title of your prepared speech. Here are mine:

  1. Put the puck on the net. And yes, I'm looking at you Brad Boyes. Boyes mentioned at the start of the year that he missed the cage too many times last year because he was trying to make the perfect shot too often. Stop trying to pick corners and get the puck on the four-by-six. That goes for everyone. Remember the lone Blues goal on Wednesday? It was generated by a good, hard shot that was right on net.
  2. Traffic in front. Not sure if anyone has head about it, but Roberto Luongo is a really good goalie. You make his life miserable by screening him, getting in his personal space and making him have to fight to see and stop pucks. Tkachuk, time to use that ass for good instead of evil.
  3. Continue to accept the physicality. Putting more hits on the Canucks goes without saying, but it's more important to continue to take the hits being dished out by Vancouver. If you are not willing to take the hit to make the play then they've already won the series. Heal yourself this summer; absorb the hits and keep making the plays.
  • Tonight's speech: "You Are Not The Underdog Because No One Wants You To Win."

Your keys and speech titles in the comments.