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Game Two Might Be Over, But Don't You Quit On Us Now.

The Canucks fans and media are all looking forward to the next series in the playoffs and they've already named Roberto Luongo as their shiny new golden god.

But not one game has been played in St. Louis yet.

If you're one of the fans who has come back to hockey after some time away and you're already calling it a series, we have a message for you: It ain't time to get off the bandwagon yet.

I'm going to go ahead and paraphrase PPP from tonight's GDT (where he was consoling a shut-it-down-it's-over Blues fan, of all things) when he said something to the tune of, 'the series isn't in trouble until you lose one on home ice.'

Sweet sassy molassy that's good stuff.

I gotta shut this thing down early to get working on the paper issue for Sunday night's game, so I'll leave you with a few thoughts:

  • Canuck fans are saying that they won because of a team effort. Blues fans are saying we got beat by one person. Which is it?
  • If you have any notion of coming to this site calling yourself a Blues fan and you start crying about what has happened, you best take that shit elsewhere, son. This team isn't supposed to be here and they're playing in one of the most contentious series in the playoffs.
  • Bieksa: you are a dumbshit. Hopefully you've earned yourself a seat next to Jason Reitman for Game Three.
  • Hey Paul Kariya Deniers. What up now?
  • Are you ready for Sunday, or are you selling your tickets and going back to complaining about the Cardinals' pitching? Time to show your true colors.

That's it, I gotta work on this crappy hockey paper. Feel free to come back later if you're still up. I'm feeling like I want to start posting random late-night polls just to see who's still up with me.

SWYD. Never give up. Go Blues.