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Saturday Morning Links

Jesus H. Tap Dancin' Christ! We can't buy a break against Luongo. He's on fire. "NBA Jam" on fire.

Onto the links:


Blues News:

  • Game 2. Another loss. TSN breaks it down. P-D's AP wrap-up.
  • VAN forward Alex Burrows wished he hadn't said what he said near a mic.
  • Follow Hildymac's bloggage throughout the playoffs over here.
  • The Post-Dispatch busts out all the stops. Golf columnist Dan O'Neill tells us that our boys are looking forward to coming home.

NHL News:


Other Stuff:

  • Bill Murray hits a lady with his tee shot. The lady was in her own front yard.
  • Play Disorientation. It's disorienting.

I'll leave you with a video of the end of last night's game. Cheap shots and a scrum after the horn. That should get us going for Sunday's game.

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